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18 de Abril, 2009    General


anscension to the Godhood . In addition, theGrand Cross Alignment corresponds directly with the Tribes of Israel,the British people themselves, who have the Royal Blood of the AncientHebrew Kings." Therefore taking all of these epic signs into account,the stunning celestial events of August 11, 1999 were many and clearlymeant to be noticed by our generation and taken as a warning, leavingno more question as to the meaning behind the now infamous Quatrainabove about 'the Great King of Terror' whose planet is represented byMars (Satan) who comes to bring back the spirit of "King Angolmois,"other than who or what is the Angolmois? To the Occult mindset, Satanis the Sun God; Diana is the Moon Goddess, and their tantric union isrepresented by the symbol of the Baphomet, yet also by the symbol ofthe Solar Eclipse which symbolizes the Antichrist Child, that Once andFuture King who according to the prophet Nostradamus is to be bornunder the Astrological sign of Cancer with Mars active and Sagittarius rising.

The British King Descendant [supposedy] of the Bloodline of Solomon

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