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Susan Seymour Hedke                                                                     


On21st December 2012, the Sun will cross the winter solstice in thenorthern hemisphere, bringing another solar year to an end, yet in thisparticular year many fear this could bring the "End of the World".There are a number of rumours of floods, storms, earthquakes and warsin other lands, famines are beginning. No one can deny that climate ischanging and the disasters are real. 2012 is supposed to bring a numberof terrible things, possible polar shift and consequent wavesof 2kilometers in height.
TheMayan Prophecy is supposed to warn of a disastrous end, as does theBible. Yet what do the heavens say? Could our ancient ancestors readsomething in the heavens that we have forgotten?
Myown first step towards understanding why the Mayan Prophecy of adisastrous "end" coming in December, might be correct, came shortlyafter the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami on 26th December 2004,when I drew up its chart.

TSUNAMI2004c.jpgThe chart of the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami on 26th December 2012 at 7:58 local time, Banda Aceh.


What couldhave caused such a massive earthquake, and the deaths of a quarter of amillion people? On this date the Moon was nearly full and opposite  notonly the Sun but also Pluto. Also, at the time the earthquake occurred, there was a grand cross in the heavens involving the earth sign Capricorn, and its ruler Saturn. Because Saturn'ssign was rising, he is the ruler of the whole chart. There wastherefore a very strong earth influence in this chart, and the combinedinfluence of the Great Malefic Saturn and destructive Pluto seemed  tobe enough reason.

So at first I was satisfied that this chart was bad enough to explain the disturbance of the Earth on that day. 

However,as I continued to look at the charts of other  disasters,  Inoticed that the Moon was often at the end of Gemini, as it had beenin the case of the tsunami in 2004. There seemed to be no apparentreason for this.

Also the Sun seemed to be reacting in a hypersensitive manner when it crossed the date 26th December, as just one year before there had also been an earthquake with 43,000 deaths in Bam, Iran.

Isensed there must be more to all this than the eye could see.Remembering that I had read about a disastrous end to this age thatwould occur in December, I gave what I knew about this date into Googleand it came up with an article by John Major Jenkins: "The How and Why of the Mayan End Date". 

Throughthe research of Linda Schele,  Mr. Jenkins had discovered that theMayan Prophecy was connected to the position of the Galactic Centre:the galactic plane, on which the Galactic Centre sits was beginning toalign with the winter solstice Sun, marking the end/ beginning point ina great cycle.

 Ourrelationship to the Galactic Centre has a cyclic wobble, it is a lotslower than the wobbly cycles between the Earth and the Sun, butnevertheless not completely unsimilar. the Galactic Centre is placednot far from the ecliptic along which the Sun moves,  therefore it'sapparent motion could  be plotted like an extremely slow-moving Sun.

 Theonly difference was that instead of taking one year, the  wobble tookabout 26,000 years to complete. This was known in ancient times asthe "Great Year" or the "Platonic Year". It was also the same length oftime it took for the vernal precession to make one circuit.

 Ancientcultures like the Maya knew about the Great Year and the causal roleplayed by the centre of our galaxy 26,000 light years away. We, whopride ourselves on being the cleverest and greatest civilization everto have existed on Earth, seem to have let this very essential piece ofinformation, just slip between our fingers and be forgotten.

Further search through the Web allowed me to interpret the position of the Galactic Centre in more exact astrological language.

 In2010 the Galactic Centre will be at 27° Sagittarius, though otherastronomers, and 2012 prophets, claim that in 2012 it will exactlyalign with the winter solstice Sun, they may be talking about thegalactic plane. 

Astrologicallythe Sun passes over this position on the 19th December each year. Yetit is nevertheless extremely close now to the winter solstice and toentering Capricorn ruled by the planet Saturn that had seemed to be soinvolved in the earthquake of 2004.

 So, I added this galactic jewel to my chart. (large green circle).

Below: the missing piece of the puzzle added to the astrological chart of 26th December 2012. TSUNAMI2004gal2.gif.


Onecould see that the Galactic Centre was placed close to the wintersolstice between the Sun in Capricorn and Pluto in Sagittarius anddirectly opposite the Moon. A sort of bow and arrow was formed shootingat the Galactic Centre. This I found interesting as the Sagittariusconstellation is pictured as a centaur shooting a bow and arrow at theGalactic Centre too. 

sagcentaur.gifSagittarius the archer-centaur with his bow

 Is it possible, as Paul LaViolette in fact suggests, that an earlier, astrologically knowlegable culture, placed this constellation picture here to warn us of the danger of disaster connected to this area of the heavens?

Earthquakesmay be major effects of this transit of the Galactic Centre over thewinter solstice into Capricorn, but it turned out that the GalacticCentre was not specializing in one kind of disaster, but was associatedwith all of them.

Usingmy newly found discovery I began examining all the worst disasters inhistory: floods, hailstorms, volcanic eruptions, fires, hurricanes,tornadoes, stock market collapse, wars - everything I could get myhands on, and I found that the Galactic Centre was strongly implicated,often even pointed at with a similar bow and arrow.

 From about 2001, disasters began increasing, as if they were all set off by the World Trade Centre disaster[3]. So let us look at the chart of the 9/11 disaster, when the towers began to collapse: again we see  below right that same bow and arrow shot by the Moon pointed straight at the Galactic Centre.

Thistime it involved Pluto, Mars and the Nodes of the Moon, the Sun was ina loose T square. As you will soon notice, these aspects were no fluke,or wishful thinking on my part. I have literally thousands of charts worldtradecentre911.jpgin the big belly of my book to support the causal role of the Galactic Centre in these disasters

Right: the World Trade Center Disaster. 

The aspects ivolved in the 9/11 disaster led, one and a half years later, to the Iraq War. It began on 20th March 2003.

Saturnhad moved to oppose the GC to shoot the arrow. Uranus and the Moon formthe bow. War-like Mars had returned to conjunct the place it had beenin the 9/11 disaster, it was conjunct the Galactic Centre.

Left: the Iraq War began 20th March 2003.



ever, let's not go too far from the Tsunami. What about comparing the tsunami of 2004 withanother one? The last famous tsunami was caused by the eruption of thevolcano Krakatau in 1883, just to the south of where the one in 2004occurred. This tsunami of 1883 also caused over 33,000 deaths. Here isthe chart[4] for the first major eruption.  Iwill not make a long commentary on each disaster but you may see thatKrakatau showed the Moon with Mars shooting an arrow along the galacticequator at the Galactic Centre. Here again, as is usual, the Nodes ofthe Moon are involved. Here the North Node helps form the bow. 

Right: Pearl Harbor attacked 7th December 1941 18:19 GMTpearlh.gifpearlh.gif

 PearlHarbour was attacked on 7th December 1941, early in the morning as theGC abnd the Sun were just rising together. This awoke the land to afury that turned a war into a true World War that ended with much moreterrible (atomic)bombings of Japan, in which of course the GalacticCentre was also involved.

Whatwas the worst pandemic in history? The Black Death spread swiftlythrough Europe from June 1348. It was the aspects between the GalacticCentre, Pluto and Neptune that sustained its disastrous powers.


Left: Black Death June 1348

Let us return to the theme of earthquakes and look at the very largest recorded earthquake in history that occurred in Chile 1960.

Earthquake Chile 22nd May 1960

 Asin most cases, it involved Pluto in aspect to the Galactic Centre andit created six bows and arrows, three pointing at the earth signs forthe earthquakes and three bows and arrows pointing at the water signsfor the accompanying tsunami.

The years up to 2013 produce regular bows and arrows earthqchile60.gifto the GC and Pluto, especially in December.


Right: Pearl Harbor attacked 7th December 1941 18:19 GMTpearlh.gifpearlh.gif

 PearlHarbour was attacked on 7th December 1941, early in the morning as theGC abnd the Sun were just rising together. This awoke the land to afury that turned a war into a true World War that ended with much moreterrible (atomic)bombings of Japan, in which of course the GalacticCentre was also involved.

Whatwas the worst pandemic in history? The Black Death spread swiftlythrough Europe from June 1348. It was the aspects between the GalacticCentre, Pluto and Neptune that sustained its disastrous powers.


Left: Black Death June 1348

Let us return to the theme of earthquakes and look at the very largest recorded earthquake in history that occurred in Chile 1960.

Earthquake Chile 22nd May 1960

 Asin most cases, it involved Pluto in aspect to the Galactic Centre andit created six bows and arrows, three pointing at the earth signs forthe earthquakes and three bows and arrows pointing at the water signsfor the accompanying tsunami.

The years up to 2013 produce regular bows and arrows earthqchile60.gifto the GC and Pluto, especially in December.


[1] A short synopsis of some of these is given by Geoff Stray in his book “2012 in your pocket

[2] Return refers to the Return of Yang, symbolized by the Sun returning from this time.

[3] Alsoat this time, Saturn and the Nodes of the Moon played an importantrole, as they had done by the tsunami in 2004, and they turned out tobe nearly always strongly involved.

[4] chart with the time given by the computer program Jupiter 55 

[5] This may need to be revised in face of the increasing tornadoes of the last years)

Comparing the Past to the Coming Years

Wehave seen that bows and bows and arrows can be quite lethal, especiallywhen there are a number of them as in the Star of David aspect. But inthe next years Stars of David will be few, asmost of the planets are on the winter side of the chart, so that itwill be left mostly the Moon to  shoot the bow and arrow, and again andagain that is what we see, a bow is formed to he winter solstice areawhere the Galactic centre and Pluto are placed, so that all the powersoft he heavens are focused on this one point  of omega and alpha, tomband womb oft he galaxy. 

Theother factors that must be included are the grand cross, especiallywhen it is on the Holy Cross, or alternatively said, when it is closeto the solstice-vernal axies. A T square can be as explosive as TNT. Most explosive of all are T squares involving the anyway explosive Mars, or his sign. But what particularly suggests a world disaster?

Krakatauwith its massive explosion, heard thousands of miles away, had a Tsquare involving the Moon, Mars, Uranus and the Galactic Centre. hiroshima2.gifHiroshimashowed a T square and one bow, not a lot really, yet the bow pointed atPluto in Leo conjunct the Sun, whose symbol is the same as the symbolfor the atom, and the Nodes of the Moon were on the galactic planeinvolved in the T square with Uranus, Mars, Venus and Neptune. Sowe see that ,as with many of the earlier disasters, all of the outerbodies were involved with Hiroshima and afflicting the inner bodies andsigns. As to the kind of disaster we can expect, look to the placewhere the heavenly bodies are placed - in the case of Hiroshima, Plutoin Leo is emphasized for an explosion that mimicked the Sun.

 Left: Hiroshima 6th August 1945 8:15 JST showsa T square and bow to Pluto in Leo with the Sun.

 Uranus in the air sign Gemini was also involved, telling us that the diaster came unexpectedly through the air.It is important to consider T squares now,  asit will be the T square involving Uranus in Pisces ( water) and thenUranus in Aries (fire) to the GC and Pluto on the Holy Cross, thattells us how and from where  thedisasters will come. The T square of Uranus from Aries to Pluto inCapricorn involving the Galactic Centre is quite a new kind of dangerfor the world. It has been enabled only once in the last 26,000 yearsas the Galactic Centre nears the solstice on the last Pluto transitinto Capricorn from January to April 1762.

Thenit lasted for a few months that changed the course of history byreversing the Seven Year War etc. Now this aspect will last for eightyears (on and off).Anexample of a water disaster triggered by Uranus in Pisces square Plutoand the GC occurred also back on the last transit of Pluto to the GC.On this date there was also a loose Star of David involving again threeearth and three water signs. The 8.7 earthquake off the coast by Lisbonon All Saints Day 1755 and the resulting tsunami caused the deaths ofaround 90,000 people. It has been often compared to the tsunami inDecember 2004, which indeed also involved Uranus in Pisces (but in asextile -60° -a partial bow) and the Galactic Centre conjunct Pluto.

We have not yet experienced a tsunami caused by the square of Uranus in Pisces to the GC and Pluto, but we will. earthqLiSBONlast.gifNowUranus is moving into square and often into a T square aspect to the GCand Pluto when the Moon or other body, like Jupiter in 2013, adds itsposition near the summer solstice. Often it is possible for the Tsquare to form involving Saturn (earth) and other bodies at the autumnequinox area.

Lisbon All Saints Day Earthquake and Tsunami

1st November 1755 9:40 am LMT Lisbon

Theseaspects all fall on the Holy Cross. This is an extremely explosivesituation and I suspect could cause changes in the Earth’s rotationrate and a polar shift.In2009 the danger is largely through water (also ice and snow) as Uranusis in Pisces), yet 2009 has one saving seen against the background ofsuch disasters as the Lisbon All Saints Day earthquake: the Nodes ofthe Moon are only minimally involved. However, 2010 is a much moredifficult year as the Nodes cross the galactic axis.

 Isometimes wonder if the Mayans got it wrong, because from superficialobservation the years 2010, 2011 and 2013 are much more dangerous inmany ways than 2012 appears to be.

Still, I think we must consider these four years from December 2009  to  December 2013 as the window in which the major apocalyptic transition will be accomplished.


Let us begin by looking at a few charts of 2009oct.gifthe year 2009, but each year is also looked at in more detail in my weather forecast for the years 2009 to 2013 (coming soon).

Generally the last months of the following years tend to be the worst and in October.

Thischart of October 9th 2009 shows a grand cross involving Saturn, theGalactic Centre, Pluto, Uranus and the Moon and it falls on the HolyCross, which is thought to be indicative of major Great Yeartransformations. It only forms twice in the Great Year cycle, onceevery 13,000 years approximately.

Left: chart of 9th October 2009

Thereis also a bow and arrow to Saturn involving Mars and the South Node,and another bow and arrow to Pluto and the GC at the winter solstice,created by the Sun, Jupiter with Chiron and Neptune and the Moon shootsthe arrow. Although the Moon is not full here, it is possible that thisaspect could cause earthquakes, water and climate disasters as alsohurricane-like storms and financial damages.

Here a moon cycle later, in November 2009,2009nov.gif thegrand cross is no longer as perfect as it was, but still two lethal Tsquare exist involving the GC and Pluto at the same time a bow andarrow is created by the Moon, Venus and Jupiter with Neptune andChiron. As this involves the air signs it may be a storm- a hurricaneor similar that causes the damage, but certainly there will beconcommitant floods and water damages in many places. Fires may alsobreak out as Mars is in the fire sign Leo opposite the bodies inAquarius.

Right: 5th November 2009

 Still,as here the Moon aspects both Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter and Neptunethe two rulers of the water sign Pisces, whose trine to another helpedcause the flooding in New Orleans and the Tsunami in 2004, we can besure that water will again play its role here, though hopefully not insuch a dramatic manner.

 December 2009. As usual December will cause a number of earthquakes as Pluto2009dec26.gif in Capricorn conjuncts the GC and the Sun activates the Earth's labour contractions as it moves through the womb of the galaxy at the winters solstice of the Great Year.

Left: 26th December 2009

Thisyear the 26th December shows a fire influence with Moon in Aries andMars in Leo suggesting volcanic activity, but the bow and arrow createdhere point at Neptune conjunct Chiron and Jupiter. Neptune, Jupiter andthe Moon are in aspect by nearly all water disasters, inclusivetsunamis, so a tsunami or other water disaster would be possible thisDecember when the Moon is also in aspect to Jupiter and Neptune.





2008 was considered the worst year for natural disasters (by München Re) alongside 2005 and 1995. The year 2010 will likely be much worse, bringing one disaster after another. Warlike activity will also increase at the same time.

Jupiter which had conjunct Neptune from 2009 to the beginning of 2010 speeds on to join Uranus, which is squaring the Galactic 2010may16b.gif

Centreand Pluto. These two are joined increasingly by the North Node of theMoon, which aligns with the galactic plane in 2010-11. This hasproduced many of the very worst disasters in history.

Saturnis opposite Uranus and Jupiter and square Pluto and the GC with theNodes. This is in strength for months. Saturn is most of the time in agrand cross involving his own sign of Capricorn which maeans war andthe Moon's passing over the Summer solstice each moth will make thingsworse.

Allthese bodies are on the Holy Cross of the Great Year cycle. Also atthis time Neptune is with Chiron and Lilith involved in a half bow tothe Galactic centre, Pluto and the North Node. The half bow may becompleted to create a full bow by the passing Sun, Moon or other bodyin Libra. Heavenly bodies in Aries can cause a simultaneous bow toNeptune to form at these times floods, tsunamis, 2010solsimularor.jpg storms and water disasters generally.

Leftis a picture of our solar system on 26th June 2010 and one sees howJupiter Uranus on one side of the Sun and Saturn in opposition on theother are all in one line . So this is not just  a grand crossaffecting our Earth or a piece of paper but a strong alignmentaffecting the whole solar system. Pluto and Galactic Centre are to theright and the Galactic Anti-Centre would be out to the left whereOrion, Sirius and the Pleiades are placed.a wre more likely.

2nd August 2010
Here, the 30th September 2010, the storms and earthquakes and war caused by the grand cross may be nearly over for a while, as Saturn moves out of the grand cross.
InDecember the grand cross with Saturn is no longer a danger as Saturn isno longer in aspect, the war may be less intense, and the problemsgenerally may ease but the T square involving the Nodes is getting moreexact, one of the nodes is in Saturn's sign, with Pluto and Uranus withJupiter is in aspect, so it is still a dangerous time.
Left: 2010dec29.gif29th December 2010
Againand again through all these years the bow and arrow points at theGalactic Centre and Pluto at the winter solstice or midnight point ofthe chart and of the Great Year cycle. All the energy is going down thedrain into this abyss to its origin, all that we have created and thatseemed good will have its roots sorely tested.


Ifwe thought 2008 was bad, and 2009 and 2010 were worse, then look belowat the charts of 2011, this year should be really a straining to thelimits. 2011june21.jpgIn 2011 the Nodes remain on the galactic axis and destructivity will increase towards the end of the year. On June 21st 2011 there is a grand cross involving Saturn as well as a Star of David.

 Butby far the most dangerous part of it occurs in the last months asSaturn moves swiftly from its opposition to Uranus in the Holy Cross tocomplete a powerful bow to Neptune. This bow is very weighty and pointsat the Galactic Centre and Pluto at the winter solstice still close tothe Nodes.

 Octoberseems to be the worst month of that year and it is so bad that I shouldconsider changing my book title: the waves coming in October 2011 mightbe worse than anything happening in December 2012.

 In 2011 Jupiter's prescence in the earth sign Taurus could give the necessary extra strength for a world shaking earthquake. October 21st is a d2011BiblicalEnd.jpgatethat some Christians see as an End date and that looks petty bad andalso potentially volcanic or explosive but the last days of October areworse and it is interesting that a certain Calleman suggested that 28thOctober might be the disastrous end date as it is 13 Ahau. (See Calleman's page for a discussion of the reasons).

 This was one of the worst dates I could find and came upon it as a dangerous date quite independently of Calleman.

TheT square also of bodies in Scorpio and the Star of David at this timemake it certain that on this day some disaster will occur and the daysclose to it also look none too happy - Scorpio should be involved inan End Date. Scorpio is the sign of death and when the Sun is in thissign aspecting the winter solstice and Saturn is close, disaster cannot be far away.2011endcreation.gif

28th October 2011


Whilestudying the planetary aspects involved in volcanoes I made thediscovery (In my book) that the few degrees junction between Venus'sign and Mars' sign Aries/ Taurus and Libra/ Scorpio, as also aspectsbetween these two planets, and the Nodes were involved by the eruptionof volcanoes. These are all given at the end of October and as on the21st October 2011 the Moon conjuncts Mars which is a very explosivesign also involved by volcanoes and the Moon was conjunct Mars by theviolent eruption of Krakatau in 1883. Also on 21st October it is in thefire sign Leo and on the 28th Moon squares Mars. This certainly couldbe a volcanic End Date- perhaps even one qualifying as an ekpyrosis.But there are more such aspects at other times and I suspect that thisis just the beginning of a volcanic period.

The Stars continue in November and December suggesting an intensively destructive period, much more so, I believe, than in 2012.2011hancknov24star.jpg

Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods suggested the date 24th November 2011 for a possible polar shift and tidal wave.

He based it on the heavenly bodies being nearly all positioned on one side of the Earth I believe. 

Whatis also highly significant is that apart from the Nodes being involvedJupiter and Saturn have moved into opposition. Jupiter and Saturn, as Iwrite in my book, are involved in all the greatest events in history.THERE COULD NOT BE AN EVENT AS IMPORTANT AS THE END OF THE WORLDWITHOUT JUPITER AND SATURN IN SOME MAJOR ASPECT TO EACH OTHER. Herethey are also still loosely on the Holy Cross of the Great Year andoften in the cardinal signs. They cross opposite each other the twosensitive points I have found by volcanic eruptions. The Jupiter Lilithconjunct that lasts on and off over a year, and also is there inDecember 2012 bodes no good either.2011nov13.jpgLilith played a major role conjunct Saturn in the grand cross of thetsunami in 2004. Here the placing in Aries could cause fires gettingout of control, volcanic eruptions and meteors poisons ordarkness falling from or over the sky. This is also probable in 2012when the conjunction is in Gemini, sign of the heavens. I could callthe border where the two great weights of the planets are placed as thecreation/ destruction borderline. A massive volcanic eruption withaccompanying earthquakes could cause a polar shift and tidal waves. Yetin many ways the end of October, when the Sun also lines up on thisframe of the giant planets looks more destructive to me. Still, thereare other dates in November that also look dangerous to me.2011nov13.jpg But what about December?

2011dec16b.gifTheStar is also formed in December as Saturn and Jupiter remain in aspectto the slower moving outer bodies: Neptune, Pluto and also the GalacticCentre. So for three months we may be suffering from earthquakes,volcanic eruptions, floods and possibly tsunami, as here at the endof 2011 Jupiter and Neptune also aspect each other. Here on the 16ththe Moon turns the quare from Uranus in Aries intoa T square toirritate those sleeping giants, the volcanoes.


Theopposition between Jupiter and Saturn, which in 2010 had involved thesolstice and vernal axis angles, as also the planets Uranus, Pluto andthe GC, will likely set a ball in motion that by the end of 2011 whenthe Jupiter Saturn opposition returns may be irreversible.



Isuspect that 2010 will have caused underwater volcanoes, maybe in theIndian Ocean and volcanoes at the poles as well, that will cause theoceans to warm at a dramatic rate and many areas of the polar ice tomelt faster. This in turn will cause climate change and storms. By theend of 2011 and into 2012 the volcanoes may be erupting also on landand there will be increasingly large earthquakes. That is what Isuspect, but let us have a look at 2012.

What will 20124sep.gif2012 bring? 20124sep.gif

Thewhole year is difficult, with recurring grand crossess and stars, I amnot sure if it is worse than 2011, but the continuing strain on theEarth may cause worse effects like a prolonged sickness. In each monthI find dates which look quite frightening, especially March 2012 where a bow and arrow points at Neptune now in Pisces and the Sun moves toconjunct Uranus in Aries, April shows a grand cross. In May Jupitermoves out of aspect to Saturn but there are still powerful bows andarrows. The 21st July shows a grand cross T square and a Star of Davidand so on. But I will give the first chart  in September of 2012 and wesee that Pluto is still conjunct the Galactic Centre and that  the nextoutermost body, Neptune, is aspecting them both from the beginning ofthe water sign Pisces. This is a new kind of aspect and could produce the worst flooding in memory.


Right: 4th September 2012




Theother outer planet Uranus is in a T square in the picture on the left.Uranus too remains in square to the GC and Pluto. Saturn also is inaspect to the GC and on this day, forming a bow with Neptune.The Starof David is largely in earth and water signs, so it may causeearthquakes, floods and other water disasters. Saturn in air and theSun and Mercury involved in the Star of David suggest a hurricane orcyclonic storm. But still I consider the gravest danger is from Uranusin Aries in square to Pluto and the GC which square has been going onsince before 2010 and in Aries is a completely new experience for us.It suggests volcanic eruptions, square Pluto in earth, with greatearthquakes, and also social unrest and accidents through war, orexplosions.Either a man made explosion or a volcanic one are the mostlikely events from this square. Saturn is a cold planet and affectsnortherly zones, so there may be difficulties in northern zones andthrough temperature changes and sudden swings to cold weather.

Aboveleft the chart for October 7 2012 shows a grand cross and a Star OfDavid involving the Galactic Centre and Pluto. So far the last monthsof 2012 look just as destructive as 2011 where Saturn was also in thebow with Neptune to the GC, Pluto. Neptune is now in Pisces which meansthat greater waves may be caused by the earthquakes of Saturn and thewater involved may be ice cold or have some other Saturnian quality,like being poisoned with lead.2012nov29.gif

29th November 2012

Atthe end of November that strange Yod form involving Jupiter and Saturnforms. It remains and is also prominent on the 21st December. I wouldinterpret this aspect as Jupiter shooting a thunderbolt at the twounderworld winter signs, it looks very destructive and  because wintersigns are involved and here Mars is conjunct Pluto in a bow from Saturnand Neptune, this could really be a point marking an end and perhapsthe beginning of a Great Winter.

Jupiterconjunct Lilith in the Gemini sign of the heavens may represent somepoison or evil coming through the sky, perhaps a volcanic cloud, andJupiter may represent the end time eruption I suspect that will lead tothe new Heaven and the new Earth and the rise of Meru.20126dec.gif

Stillit is likely not all over yet, for the aspects continue and in 2013there is a further last dramatic change which will likely lead asJupiter moves into Cancer in a bow and arrow to the GC and Pluto to atsunami, possibly caused by the eruption of a volcano in the IndonesianIndian Ocean area.

Atthe end of December the bows and arrows point mostly at Plutoassociated with the Underworld and with great transformations,especially in the earth- so earth changes. If there is anythingpositive about this time then it is that the cracking up of ourmaterial woröd may shake our hearts awake and free our souls from animprisonment that has caused a long history of suffering.


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